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[Spring 9 (2000): 181-183]  

· We received 95 Poèmes / recueil, by E. E. Cummings, translation and introduction by Jacques Demarcq, Paris: Flammarion, 1983.

· Teresa Mínguez sent us the following article from Spain by Xerardo Fernàndez Alvarez, "Enunciacion de Textualidad: Estrategias de Expression en la Obre de E. E. Cummings," Alantis XX, 1 June 1998; 29-45.

· Isabelle Weitzenblum Alfandary finished her doctoral dissertation, "Esthétique de la grammaire dans l’oeuvre d’ E.E. Cummings," the University of Paris III, Spring 1999, 2 vols., 606pp.

· The Blue Heron Arts Center in NYC staged "E. E.! A Musical Review," April 13-16, 1999, conceived and composed by Steve Scotti; Direction / choreography by William A. Finlay, Ardelle Striker, Chairman.

· Tony Quagliano edited Feast of Strangers: Selected Prose and Poetry of Reuel Denney, Foreword by David Riesman, Greenwood: Westport, CT, May 30, 1999.

· Augusto de Campos has published POEM(A)S, translations of 62 Cummings poems (Brazil: Francisco Alves, June 1999). This fifth edition of the book features English and Portuguese versions of the poems on facing pages.

· Steve Scotti’s ViVa Cummings! was performed in West Tisbery, Marthas Vineyard, August 27 and 28, 1999.

· Friedman and Dr. Forrest wrote up "The E.E. Cummings Society and Its Journal" for the Dictionary of Literary Biography: Yearbook 1999, sent off in Sept. 1999.

· On September 17, 1999, John Talbot Ordeman sent us a tape of musical settings of Cummings poems by Peter and Meriel Dickinson, made in 1971 for a BBC programme.

· Friedman gave the keynote address at the "Hemingway and War" Conference, US Air Force Academy, October 7-9, 199, entitled "Two Ambulance Drivers in World War One: The Personal and the Political in [end page 181] E.E. Cummings’ The Enormous Room (1922) and Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms (1929)."

· Margaret Shepherd had an exhibition of Wallace Stevens poems in Calligraphy, October 1-31, 1999, "A Few Words Turned," Hartford Public Library. She is doing similar work with Cummings, to be published during the spring of 2001 by David R. Godine.

· River King Poetry Supplement, Freeburg, IL, Autumn/Winter 1999, has a poem by Alan Catlin on The Enormous Room, p. 8.

· Michael Webster sent us on November 2, 1999, computer printouts of a web page of Harlem’s Schomberg Exhibit concerning James Reese Europe, the one mentioned in Cummings' poem concerning the Nativity, "(and i imagine" (is5 [1926] ONE, XII [CP 239]). This page and others on James Europe may conveniently be accessed on the "Notes" page of the Spring web-site at We plan further study of this man, as well as of Josephine Baker, praised by Cummings in his essay "Vive la Folie!" (Miscellany 159-163).

· Tony Quagliano and Joseph Stanton gave a reading on November 7, 1999, at the Borders-Word Center in Hawaii, in honor of the publication Reuel Denney’s Feast of Strangers.

· John Corven edited The Parlement of Giraffes: Poems for Children Eight to Eighty, by Jose Garcia Villa, Tagalog Translation by Larry Francia, with original drawings by the author. A reception was held in New York City’s Philippine Center, December 9, 1999.

· Isabelle and Didier Alfandary had a baby girl, Juliette, 14 December 1999, in Paris. Welcome, Juliette!

· Anna Boniszewska, of Krakov, Poland, sent us her Master's Thesis on Cummings in early 2000. We hope to hear more.

· Maryette Charlton had a showing of her early paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs at the Gallerie Valerie in NYC, January 18 - March 11, 2000.

· Mike Webster e-mailed us on January 21, 2000, noting that NPR’s Weekend Edition listed "somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond" (CP 307) among the 15 best American poems of the century. However, they persisted in lower case for the poet’s name, despite his attempts at correction. [end page 182]

· The January 20th, 2000, edition of the New York Review and the March-April edition of The Harvard Magazine both list i: six nonlectures as one of "the notable Harvard books of the past hundred years—works and minds that have shaped their time and ours." But they too, alas, use lower case for the poet’s name.

· Teresa Mínguez sent us an article by Lawrence Weschler on Joseph Mitchell, author of Joe Gould’s Secret, (El Pais, 5 February 2000, 8-9).

· Kate Médaille wrote us on February 29, 2000 that she is directing a student production of Santa Claus at the University of Dallas scheduled for November 2000, which is part of her course work for her bachelor’s degree in drama.

· Thierry Gillyboeuf announced the birth of Manon, March 12, 2000, in Vendôme, not quite 100 miles south and a bit east of Paris.

· He and Isabelle Alfandary have established l'Association Français des Amies d’E. E. Cummings. Also, Isabelle's PhD thesis on the poet will be published in French by the end of 2000.

· Antonio Ruiz Sànchez published his book, Hijo de exceso: La Poesia trascendental de E. E. Cummings, Universidad de Cordoba y Obra Social y Cultural Cajasuv, Spring 2000.

· We had our two panels at the American Literature Association Conference in Long Beach, CA, May 25-28, 2000. Papers were given by Antonio Ruiz, Gudrun Grabher, Martina Antretter, Cécile Cormier, Bickford Sylvester, Philip Gerber, and John Cowen. As usual, we hope to publish these papers in our next issue.

· There was also a panel in honor of Gerry Locklin—your editor was among the speakers—and we hope to publish these papers as well.

· William Jay Smith published The Cherokee Lottery, the Curbstone Press, Spring 2000.

· Taimi Olsen published Transcending Space: Architectural Places in the Works of Henry David Thoreau, E. E. Cummings, and John Bath. Bucknell University Press (Associated University Presses, Cranbury, NJ, Spring 2000). [end page 183]

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