Instrumental Conducting

MUS 321, Section 1

Three Credit Hours

Winter, 2013


Instructor:  Henry Duitman

Office:  1217 Performing Arts Center    

Office Phone: 331-2581


Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday  10:00  - 11:00 am, 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Class Time: Monday, Wednesday 11:00 - 11:50 am, Room 1515, Performing Arts Center

Concurrent Lab Time: Friday 11:00 - 11:50

Description: Continuation of MUS 320 with an emphasis on techniques relative to the rehearsal and performance of instrumental literature. Required of B.M.E. instrumental majors in the junior year. Offered winter semester.

Mission:  The mission of Music 321 is to provide the music education major with the cognitive knowledge, physical and aural skills, and motivation which will directly enhance his/her ability to conduct and provide other leadership to musical ensembles.

Goals and Objectives:  This course includes weekly conducting, both in class and in the laboratory ensemble.  All students will be given as much practical conducting experience in class as time allows.  At the conclusion of the course the student will have the ability to:

    1. Communicate musical ideas to an ensemble through gesture.

    2. Improve on all physical gestures used in conducting.

    3. Know and be competent using transpositions found in band and orchestra instruments..

    4. Conduct from a full instrumental score.

    5. Demonstrate improved left hand independence.

    6. Demonstrate a proven score study approach.

    7. Demonstrate improved error detection in ensemble.

    8. Show a concerned and disciplined attitude.  This will be demonstrated through perfect attendance; complete preparation for in-class conducting; willingness to participate in class; and an encouraging relationship with classmates.


  1. Materials: 

    1. REQUIRED TEXT: Froseth, J. & Grunow, R.,  MLR Instrumental Score-Reading Program workbook. Chicago: GIA Publications.

    2. REQUIRED: A 12” or 14” baton, do not purchase until professor helps selection process

    3. RECOMMENDED: A good metronome, with subdivisions, if possible

Class Requirements: 

    1. Attendance at every class is vitally important.  This is part of your professional training and absences without notification or for poor reasons will result in a lowered grade.

    2. Students arriving late must check in with the professor right after class to explain any tardiness or it will be counted as an unexcused absence.

    3. Laptops and cell phone may not be used during class periods.

    4. No hats, cell phones, pagers or other electronic devices are permitted in class.  Professional look is required for all conducting of the Lab ensemble.

    5. No food or drink (with the exception of water bottles) will be permitted in class.

    6. Students performing in the Friday noon Student Recital Hour may not be excused from class for rehearsal or warmup.  You must perform near the end of the SRH instead.


    1. Videotaped conducting lab sessions                                  25%

    2. (1/2 my grade, 1/2 your self-grade and essay)                                  

    3. Transposition quiz                                                              5%

    4. Score marking and analysis project                                   20%

    5. Observation paper                                                              10%

    6. MLR post-test                                                                    15%

    7. Final exam                                                                          25%


Important Dates:

    1. March 8 – Last day to drop class with a grade of “W”

    2. April 24, 10 am – Final examination

  1. Daily Schedule:

The schedule and all other important important information for this course can be found at:  You should check this site regularly.

Special Needs:

Any student who has special needs because of learning, physical or other disability, please let the professor know and also Disability Support Services (DSS) at 331-2490.  If you have a disability and think you will need assistance evacuating the classroom and/or building in an emergency situation, please let the professor know so that a plan to assist you can be developed.