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When I originally purchased a 3-Megapixel digital camera (Olympus) in 2002, I did so to take photos of my son playing soccer. He was in High School at the time and I was inspired by Tim Potter’s photographs and interested in exploring my own capabilities with a digital camera. I actually took a photography class in college, in the late 1970's, and used a 35 mm SLR camera, but I forgot everything I learned at that time about photography. All of the photographs on this website were taken by me.

I primarily take outdoor or nature photographs, of wildlife (when I can get close enough), flora, trees, rivers, and lakes. One of my favorite subjects is the shoreline of Lake Michigan. I take photographs primarily for fun, for my own genuine enjoyment, and I see it as an extension of my love for the outdoors and nature. I’m not interested in a career in photography, or submitting my work for $, but I do enjoy taking a good photograph of somewhere I’ve been so I can remember how it felt to be there and experience that place again. I guess you might call me a recreational outdoor photographer, and I am most certainly an amateur.

Photographs, in a sense, allow me to capture and share the experiences and emotions I have had. Feeling closeness with nature and a love for the natural world, I want to capture and share these moments in time for others. I hope others enjoy these photographs as much as I do.

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