Active Calculus
endorsed by the American Institute of Mathematics

Files for Download
(last update: 12.30.13)

Here are versions of the text in .pdf format as both differential and integral (ch 1-8), or as differential calculus only (ch 1-4), or integral calculus only (ch 5-8) and the corresponding activities workbook for each.  

Active Calculus ch 1-8 (v.12.30.13).pdf
Active Calculus Activities ch 1-8 (v.12.30.13).pdf

Active Calculus ch 1-4 (v.12.30.13).pdf
Active Calculus Activities ch 1-4 (v.12.30.13).pdf

Active Calculus ch 5-8 (v.12.30.13).pdf
Active Calculus Activities ch 5-8 (v.12.30.13).pdf

If you have questions or difficulties regarding any of the above, please contact me directly at boelkinm at gvsu dot edu.