Contact information for co-PIs

Bradley S. Ambrose

Department of Physics

118 Padnos Hall

Grand Valley State University

Allendale, MI 49401

Tel.:  616-331-2524

FAX:  616-331-3740


Michael C. Wittmann

Department of Physics and Astronomy

5709 Bennett Hall

University of Maine

Orono, ME  04401-5709

Tel.:  207-581-1237

FAX:  207-581-3410


Creative Commons License

User License

By accessing the project website and using any materials on this site, you are agreeing to participate in a larger research project which requires that we track your use of those materials and student learning in your course(s). 

In particular, you agree to:

  1. Send Bradley S. Ambrose or Michael C. Wittmann an email notifying them that you are using the materials.  Refer to the bottom of this page for the necessary contact information.  In your email, be as specific as possible about which materials you have used (or plan to use) in your class and give us a report on what you did (if possible).  This is extremely important to us as we modify materials to be most appropriate for users.

  1. “Re-publish” any modifications you make by sending them back to us via email.  We will update our materials if needed, or we will publish your parallel version online.  Descriptions of your modifications will help future users gain insight into your work.

  1. Send pretest, homework, and post-test data to us as soon as possible.  Data should consist of scanned or photocopied student responses to pretests, exams, and homework problems.  Student names do not have to appear, though it is helpful to have some sort of identifying information to allow for comparisons of pre- and post-instruction data.  By gathering more data from courses using the materials, we are better able to understand how the materials work in different settings.  In each case, you can receive a copy of our Institutional Review Board human subjects approval to share with your institution's IRB.

By agreeing to the user license, you are helping us in our curriculum development and ensuring that high quality materials are created.  We retain all publication rights to these materials, but are happy to share them as broadly as possible.

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