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Hi. My name is John Golden and through several quirks of fate, I am a tenured associate professor at the Grand Valley State University Department of Mathematics . (Really, it's all Ed's fault.) I like it here very much. If you are a student, I recommend it highly. You can find me in C-2-416 Mackinac. My full contact information is here My full schedule is there also.
Most of my current work is at my blog, Math Hombre. I share classroom materials, web resources, geogebra efforts and new games I'm piloting. I am also a Twitter convert, and would encourage you to try it. Almost too many resources. (I'm also @mathhombre there.)
John Golden

What else?....

I'm interested in most everything we offer in the department here, but especially the mathematics education. In particular, mathematical outreach, learning of geometry, mentoring preservice teachers, inservice teacher professional development, ... Too many things! In 2010-11 I'll be supervising preservice secondary teaching assistants including piloting a paired placement project, teaching elementary geometry for K-8 teachers, math for middle school and math for high school teachers, working with the Allendale 6-12 Laptop 1:1 project as the math consultant, working with middle school math teachers and special education teachers, and working on departmental diversity and mentoring our teaching post-doc.

X and Y say, "Come see our pics " .
"We're much older than this now. Update, Dad!"
Check on my family at the J-K-X-Y. It's pretty freshly updated, typically. For me. I still play Magic - but not as much as I'd like. Still if you have a deck, stop by.

For more direct contact, if you could be possibly interested after the above, come see me in C-2-416 Mackinac Hall (middle of the old section, 2nd floor) or call (616) 331-2449 or e-mail me at goldenj -AT- gvsu.edu

My course info pages are at the University's blackboard site (I always enable guest access). On this website here you can find: a page of math games , Java Sketchpad activities, Movies Making Money (from Math in Action 2004), the Math in Art Festival, Exponential Functions on the Web and Middle School Mathematics on the Web (Quite old, but at one time won an award from Study Web). I also have a page about tessellation resources on the Web. I'm an estranged, token mathematician for the Science Education Group to which I belong.

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I'm the one in the middle.