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Greek Epic

Syllabus Guide to Reading the Iliad Iliad, Books 1 and 24 Compared
Gods and Men in Greek Religion The Iliad Notes and Questions Outline of the Iliad
Greek History and the Gods Characteristics of Oral Composition The Odyssey Notes and Questions
Greek Civilization Course at Temple U The Hero's Three-Part Journey Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Greek Drama
Tragedy: The Basics Oresteia Notes, Questions, Links Oedipus the King Notes, Questions, Links
Aristotle on Tragedy Summary of The Libation Bearers Antigone Notes and Questions
Bacchae Notes and Questions Furies Notes and Questions Oedipus at Colonus Notes and Questions

Roman Culture and the Aeneid

1.  Texts, Images, History, etc.:
The Perseus Digital Library:
The Perseus Classics page
Women and Gender in the Ancient World: the Diotima site:
Exploring Ancient World Cultures:
The Ancient City of Athens:
The Internet Classics Archive:
Dr. J's Illustrated Guide to the Classical World:

2. Classical Indexes and Search sites:
Library of Congress:
Electronic Resources for Classicists (warning--a frame trap):

3. Rome and Romans:

Virgil's Home Page:

Die Rom Seite: (Mostly in German, but great links and great maps and photos of Rome)

4. Just Images:

1. Greek Art and Architecture:

2. Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome (mostly Rome):

3. The Nashville (TN) Parthenon: (official site)
More photos of the Tennessee Parthenon:
Making the Athena statue:

4. Art and Architecture at the Perseus site.

5. The bronze Riace warriors:

6. Some Specific Images from Perseus:
Ajax and Cassandra Death of Priam Athena
Robin Mitchell-Boyask's "Images of the Trojan War Myth." (links to Perseus images) Images of Mycenae (60 thumbnails) Birth of Athena (Berlin vase)
Birth of Athena (Boston vase)
Birth of Athena (detail of Boston vase)
Oedipus and the Sphinx Perseus chasing a Gorgon Athena and Amphitrite

Aeneas carrying Anchises and another view

Heracles tames Cerberus

Death of Orpheus

Theseus slays the Minotaur

Atlas and Prometheus (Etruscan Museum at the Vatican, 152 K)

Views of Ithaca (Perseus Project)

6. More Classical and Myth links:

These two web-pages on myth (Greek and Roman) are highly recommended:

The Classical Myth Home Page: (Check out the “slide lecture” page for images of the gods.)

Encyclopedia Mythica:

Classics Technology Center

Roger Dunkle's The Classical Origins of Western Culture course

Homer's Iliad (from Roger Dunkle's The Classical Origins of Western Culture course)

The Theoi Project: A Guide to Greek Gods, Spirits, and Monsters

GVSU Classics Department:

Gods of Olympus--study chart:

An interview with Stanley Lombardo, translator of the Iliad and the Odyssey (not printable: XHTML)

A lecture on Greek and Roman Religion by Carl Seaquist, Univ. of Pennsylvania:

Hercules, Greece's Greatest Hero (Perseus Project)

The Bryn Mawr Classical Review:

A tutorial on Greek painted pottery:
(Beazley Archive, Oxford University)

Another tutorial on Athenian vases--how they were used and how they were made:

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