New Series, Number 2



Introduction, The Editors. 3

About the Cover, Bernard F. Stehle      6

Damn Everything But the Circus: SPRING
Presents Wllliam Mooney's Video for Sale      7

A First Look at the Dreams of E. E. Cummings:
The Preconscious of a Synthetic Genius      8
   David V. Forrest

Scoring Cummings
   Catherine A. Richards      20

Photographing Cummings' Art
   Douglas Faulkner      34

The Influence of Cummings on Selected Contemporary Poets
   Gerald Locklin      40

The Enormous Room and the Uses of Parody
   Paul Headrick      48

Boswell in America: The Case of Charles Norman
   Philip L. Gerber      57

   by Arthur Lerner, Eric C. Nord, Ben Passikoff
   Tony Quagliano, Barry L. Dordick, Errol Miller
   Jacqueline Brogan, Libby Bernardin      70

On Re-Reading E. E. Cummings: An Essay-Poem
   Marina deBellagente LaPalma      84

People and Events      88  [Includes a "memorial in honor of D. Jon Grossman."]

For The Record      93

The Chicago Pre-Centennial: "for love (of E. E.) Cummings  98

The Centennial      101

E. E. Cummings: A Reference Guide (Again) Updated, Part Two (1987-1991) Guy Rotella      107

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