New Series, Number 4



Introduction . . . . . 4 

About the Cover . . . . . .  6

Announcements . . . . . . 7

Cummings and the Sonnet . . . . . . 8
        Hayden Carruth

Kick-Ass Cummings
        William Heyen

Syntax and Speech
        Hugh Seidman

Poet of the City
        Harvey Shapiro

Remembering E. E. Cummings
        Ruth Whitman

Poetic "Experiement"
        M. L. Rosenthal

Dust of a Poet
        Jere Knight

Pérolas para Cummings (Pearls for Cummings)
        Augusto de Campos

Twelve Poems
        John Tagliabue

Readable Silence: Blank Space in E. E. Cummings' Poetry
        Rai Peterson

Noise as Metaphor, Sound as Symbol:
Charged Onomatopoeia in the Poetry of E. E. Cummings
        Robert E. Wegner

Defining Cummings' Creative Process:
A Manuscript Study of "who is this"
        Fred A. M. Damiano

The Cummings Line on Race
        Christopher M. Mott

Cummings, Kennedy, and the Major / Minor Issue
        Michael Webster

Disparate Twins: Spontaneity in Cummings' Poetry and Painting
        Milton A. Cohen

The Haiku Sensibilities of E. E. Cummings
        Michael Dylan Welch

Poems of Cummings Set to Music
        Norma Pollock

Poems by
        Aaron Kramer
        Aaron Bell
        John Cowen
        Gayl Teller
        Gerald Locklin
        Barry L. Dordick
        Arthur Lerner

Wordleaf Inspiriations:  A View from Japan
        Ula Shibazaki

People and Events
For the Record

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