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Grad Students (Advisor):

  • Kyle Dinger: Modeling of Cold Compressor Pump-Down Process .
  • Md Maruf Hossain: Study of Cooling Drag in Cars Using CFD and Wind Tunnel.
  • Justin Fisher: An FEA/CFD Study of Heat Transfer to Semi-Trailer Disc Brake Wheel-End Components during a Braking Event.
  • Samira Ishrat Jahan: CFD Study of Aerodynamic Drag Reduction Tool of a Generic Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).
  • David Douma: CFD Study of Drag Reduction Tools for Semi-Trucks.
  • Shardul Kachare: A CFD Study of Multi-Element Front Wing for Formula One Racing Car.
  • Chetan Madagi: CFD Modeling and Design of a Bio-Medical Device for Blood Flow.
  • Md Razib Hossain: CFD Anaysis of Fluid/Structure Interaction of a High Pressure Flow Divider Valve.
  • Yash Potdar: Experimental and Numerical Study of Dysphagia.
  • Md Rakibul Hasan: Study of Injection Molding Warpage for Automotive Engine Cooling Module Fan
  • Anuj Maloo: Experimental and CFD Analysis of a Bilge Pump
  • Zachary Miller: A numerical Study of the Viscosity Effects on Vane Pump Actuation
  • Allen Page: Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Simulation and Analysis of Bilateral Stenosis of the Internal Carotid Artery
  • Simon Durrer: Aerodynamics of a Race Car Wing, a CFD Study
  • Andrew Manninen: Experimental Validation and Theoretical Evaluation of Empirical Expression for Low Flow Pressure Swirl Atomizers
  • John Witte: Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Hygroscopic Behavior of a Polymer Material

Grad Students (Committee member):

  • Brad Peirson: Haptic Feedback Arm for Muscular Rehabilitation
  • Kenneth Lundberg: Re-Design of an Evaporator Coil Assembly to Meet Energy STAR 2.0 Requirements utilizing CFDesign Software
  • Selase Asamoa-Tutu: A Case for Thermal Paste in Automotive Electronic Products


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