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Project: Active Grille Shutter Stone Impact Tester

Sponsor: Shape Corp.

Project: Head Restraint Cable Strand Length Tester

Sponsor: Gill Industries

Project: Tire Inflation Control System

Sponsor: SAF Holland

Project: Hot Press Unloading Automation

Sponsor: Haworth

Project: Multi-Spindle Automation

Sponsor: Autocam

Project: High Cycle Fatigue Tester with Optical Monitoring System

Sponsor: SAF Holand

Project: Rotary Seal Test Stand

Sponsor: Blackmer

Project: Load Sharing Multi-Zone Heat Pump

Sponsor: Trane

Outstanding Capstone Project Award 2013

Project: Robotic Demo Cell

Sponsor: Koops

Project: Fifth Wheel Test/Assembly Bench

Sponsor: SAF Holand

Project: Gill Advanced Seat Design

Sponsor: Gill Industries, Inc

Best Technical and Best Presentation Awards

Keep Fuel Costs From Being a Drag with CFD, ASME District B SPDC Conference, March 2011


Vertical Axis Wind Mill


Project: Six-way Head Restraint

Sponsor: Gill Industries, Inc


Project: Design and Build of a Chassis Dynamometer for Electric Golf Cars and ATV

Sponsor: Gill Industries, Inc

Outstanding Capstone Project Award 2011

Project: Design and Build of a Bubble Tower

Sponsor: Grand Rapids Children Museum

Project: Durability Chair Test Apparatus

Sponsor: Gill Industries, Inc

Project: Robotic Training Cell

Sponsor: EPOCH Robotics

Outstanding Capstone Project Award 2012

Project: Technical and Cost Improvements of an Automotive Mirror

               Production Line

Sponsor: Magna Mirrors

Project: Design of a Mobile Race Track Wheel Aligner

Sponsor: Burke Porter

Project: Automatic Fifth Wheel Release System

Sponsor: SAF Holland

Hydraulic training bench (Adv Fluid Mech. EGR 499)

Design of a shelter from recycling materials (Heat Transfer EGR 468)

Project: An Automated Fill and Drain System for Steam Cleaners

               Testing Bed

Sponsor: Bissell Home Care Inc


ASME Moon Rover Design Competition

Second Place Award, ASME District B SPDC Conference, 2009


SAE Mini Baja

Bike Rack Design

Project: Independent Electric Drive and Suspension for a Precedent i2L Golf Car

Sponsor: Gill Industries, Inc

Outstanding Capstone Project Award 2010

Blood Flow Simulator Dynamic Phantom

Internet Controlled Robot

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