The Strange World of the Hausdorff Metric Geometry


Table of Contents

I.          Introduction

XII.     Segments with a Finite Number of Points at Each Location

II.        The Hausdorff Metric

XIII.    What is Special about the Number 19?

III.       Why The Hausdorff Metric?

XIV.    Finite Conversion Algorithm and Configuration Construction Theorem

IV.       Two Important Sets

XV.     SPACK Numbers

V.        The Geometry of the Hausdorff Metric:Circles

XVI.   Polygonal Chain Configurations

VI.       The Geometry of the Hausdorff Metric: Lines

XVII. Polygonal Chain Sequences, Asymptotic Behavior

VII.     Simple Examples: One-Point Sets

XVIII. Other Properties of Betweenness

VIII.    Intersections of Lines Determined by One Point Sets

XIX.    When Is A Hausdorff Line Not A Line - 1?

IX.       Metric Lines, Halflines, and Segments

XX.     When Is A Hausdorff Line Not A Line - 2?

X.        Hausdorff Segments

XXI.    Summary

XI.       Betweenness

XX.     References