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Cummings' portable typewriter, given by Marion Morehouse to Ruth Shackford
Photograph copyright Bernard F. Stehle

A Cummings drawing of an elephant, sent to Norman Friedman

Daniel Forrest in Cummings' octagonal 
two-story gazebo at Joy Farm, Silver Lake, NH
Photograph by David V. Forrest, M.D. 

Cummings' longtime New York City home, 4 Patchin Place

Links to more images:

Adventures in Value (Marion Morehouse's 1962 photo book)
CIOPW (Cummings' 1931 artbook)
"The Dial's White-Haired Boy" (EEC drawings from The Dial)
"Our Trip to [Joy Farm and] Silver Lake"
The Patchin Page (4 Patchin Place)
The Paintings of E. E. Cummings (Ken Lopez)
Views of La Ferté-Macé (site of The Enormous Room)

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