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. . . a poet & painter easily understands how you feel about leaving any beloved place--he's always putting huge pieces
of myself into whens & people & wheres & animals & trees & stones. For human creatures(& I hope we're human!)"things" equal illusion;actually,nothing's inanimate.
--E. E. Cummings in a letter to Gabrielle David, September 5, 1949

104 Irving St., Cambridge, MA and Norton's Woods
Dépôt de Triage, La Ferté-Macé, Normandy (detention camp of The Enormous Room)

4 Patchin Place


Joy Farm and Silver Lake, NH  ("Our Trip to Silver Lake" and "Silver Lake Revisited")


The Provincetown Playhouse

William Slater Brown (the "B" of The Enormous Room)
"My Friend B." (more on Brown from Stanford Pritchard)
Hart Crane (Academy of American Poets)
Hart Crane (Poetry Foundation)
Hart Crane (MAPS site)
John Dos Passos ( 
John DosPassos (UVA)
The Adventures of John Dos Passos (Daniel Aaron)
The John Dos Passos Society (blog)
Joe Gould
An article on Joe Gould and eleven of his notebooks (The Village Voice)
"Joe Gould's Teeth: The Long-lost Story of the Longest Book Ever Written" (Jill Lepore, The New Yorker)
Gaston Lachaise  (Lachaise Foundation)
Marianne Moore (MAPS site)
Marianne Moore and Her Mother
, portrait by Marguerite Zorach, 1925 (National Portrait Gallery)
Marianne Moore (Academy of American Poets)
Marianne Moore (Poetry Foundation)
"At London Review of Books: Marianne Moore & Her Mother" (Poetry Foundation)
Paul Rosenfeld (subject of EEC's elegy "o // the round" [CP 606])
"Paul Rosenfeld: Three Phases: Portrait of a Humanist Man of Letters" (Edmund Wilson, Commentary, Feb. 1, 1948)
Paul Rosenfeld's Port of New York: Essays on Fourteen American Moderns (Hathi Trust) 
Paul Rosenfeld
(photo by Alfred Stieglitz, 1923)
Jimmy Savo (vaudeville entertainer; subject of EEC's poem "so little he is" [CP 471])
Jimmy Savo (in Italian)
Gilbert Seldes (editor of the Dial and author of The Seven Lively Arts)
An EEC drawing of Seldes (from CIOPW)
Scofield Thayer (editor of the Dial)
An EEC drawing of Thayer (from CIOPW)
Biography of Thayer: James Dempsey, The Tortured Life Scofield Thayer (UP of Florida, 2014).
A movie about Scofield Thayer, called Stroke of Genius, is forthcoming. Here's a link to the trailer.
James Sibley Watson
Edmund Wilson (Pace University)

 Eight Harvard Poets (1917)

The Enormous Room (1922)

new The 1922 Boni and Liveright edition of The Enormous Room (

An on-line text of The Enormous Room (Project Gutenberg)

Him (1927)

CIOPW (1931)

EIMI (1933)

Tom (1935)

Santa Claus (A Morality) (1946) [first published in The Harvard Wake 5 (Spring 1946): 10-19.] 

i: six nonlectures (1953)

Adventures in Value (1962)

A Miscellany Revised (1965), now with edited and annotated versions of three essays: "The New Art" (1915), "Gaston Lachaise" (1920), and "T. S. Eliot" (1920).

 Fairy Tales (1965)

Selected Letters (1969)

Pound / Cummings: The Correspondence of Ezra Pound and E. E. Cummings (1996)

Complete Poems (1991, 1994)

E. E. Cummings Reads: A Poetry Collection (1953; 1975; 1977; 2001)

The Voice of the Poet: E. E. Cummings (2005)

Cummings' Titles (An annotated list of EEC's book publications)


Cummings Archive [A digital archive of some of Cummings' drafts (including some of his notes)]

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