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4 Patchin Place, May 1958 (photograph by Marion Morehouse)

EEC and Marion had a small apartment on the first floor, while Cummings' studio (workroom) was on the third floor at the back. 

A more contemporary photo of EEC's longtime New York City home. 

The old Jefferson Market Court at the end of the street, opposite # 4 Patchin.


James Sibley Watson photo of EEC [on the fire-escape?] at Patchin Place (1925)

Photo of EEC in lower floor sitting room at Patchin Place (c. 1940s?)

Marion Morehouse photo of Patchin Place (1958?)

4 Patchin Place (from a site devoted to the writer John Cooper Powys. The writers John Cooper Powys, Llewelyn Powys, and Alyse Gregory--early Dial editor--lived for a time in the building.)

Berenice Abbott photo (March 20, 1936) of Patchin Place [NYPL Digital Gallery] In the photo, we see two men sitting on the sidewalk steps in front of 4 Patchin. See also a second version at the NYPL Flickr stream. The man without a hat is most likely E. E. Cummings. A second Berenice Abbott photo shows Patchin Place with Jefferson Market Court in background (November 24, 1937).

Forgotten Alleys of Greenwich Village:  (Scroll down to find photos of Patchin Place)

Historical Markers and the Lower Case Question

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