"an iron contrivance . . . " ("a kind of hydrant") II

Place du Midi 2

In this view, we can see clearly why Cummings called the pump "a kind of hydrant" or a "contrivance" (157), since it looks nothing like a pump.  Unfortunately, we cannot see the "stubby lever which,when pressed down,yielded grudgingly a spout of whiteness." Notice, however, the boards on which the "contrivance" rests, a clear sign of the well-hole underneath. Notice also the wall. Cummings writes: "The contrivance was placed in sufficiently close proximity to a low wall so that one of the catchers might conveniently sit on the wall and keep the water spouting with a continuous pressure of his foot,while the other catcher manipulated a tin pail with telling effect" (Enormous Room 157-158). [This photo also appears on the "place du Midi (Général De Gaulle)" page at the site "La Ferté-Macé, hier,... par les cartes postales anciennes."]

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